Heather "The Heat" Hadley

Team Oil Depot is proud to have Heather "The Heat" Hadley as part of our team. Heather races her Legend Car in Legend events across the country. You don't have to be around Heather very long before you realize she is a special young women. She is a first class role model for younger children and inspires them to achieve their goals and dreams. Heather is a "jewel" both on and off the track.
Heather is a young racer from Vallejo, CA who started her racing career in Karting, then moved to the Legend cars. She was sponsored and marketed by Mazda Motorsports for 7 months - featured on the back cover of Racer and SCCA Monthly and was a speaker at the SCCA Runoffs when she was only 10 years old. She recently became the first female to ever win the Silver State Championship in any division.

Heather along with our continued sponsorships with  JetGirls Racing   and  Chris Larson Racing  all represent their sports well. Each of these organizations have first class individuals, families, and supporters involved in their operation. They all share the same professional values that Oil Depot subscribes too which made partnering with them an easy decision. We wish each of them the very best in all they aspire to achieve.

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