Chris Larson Racing

The Oil Depot Team is honored to have Chris Larson as part of our team. Chris is an experienced road racing champion and has been racing karts/cars for about 20 years. He now competes in the U.S. Legends Race Car Series and is a multi Series Champion in the Oklahoma COMMA series at Hallet Motor Racing Circuit and also competes in NASA and COMMA events in surrounding states. His Legends Car Racing accomplishments include many wins and race podium appearances. His Karting accomplishments included 25 Grand National Titles across the major U.S. Road Racing Karting organizations.
It is easy to find Chris always ready with a helping hand in the pit crew area to his fellow competitors; that is just the way he is. Chris is a committed ambassador to his sport and has introduced many to the Legends Racing sport.

You might find Chris in his spare time (whenever that is) coming up with some idea or product to improve its performance. If you go to  Road Racer Products  you will find such improvements to the  Honda S2000 Fuel Anti-Starve Baffle Plate  and  S2000 Supercharger Upper Support Mounting Bracket .

Chris along with his family and supporters are first class individuals and Chris represents his sport well. They all share the same professional values that Oil Depot subscribes to, which made partnering with Chris an easy decision. We wish him the very best in all he aspires to achieve.

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